Thursday, September 23, 2010

Le Tour De Donut
Now this sounds like my kind of bike race!!

“The ‘Tour De Donut’ bike race is a spoof on the ‘Tour de France’. This appetizing 30 mile bike race is a fun race with rest stops every 10 miles where racers can get water, fruit, first aid, use the bathroom, and get delectable DONUTS. For every tasty donut eaten, a temp-ting three minutes are deducted from your official finish time. There are only two rules: All donuts must be eaten in the “Donut Zones” and if you toss your cookies- you’re DQ’d.” (Klackle Orchards Family)

At the end of the race you get fresh squeezed cider, apple crisp donuts and a free pancake brunch.  This is a race where you gain weight instead of losing it.

You are required to eat donuts every 10 miles?!?!  The only better race would be a race where you have to chug beers.

 It looks like there are a couple of these rides around the country (Other "Tour de Donut" races).

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  1. The 'Tour De Donut' sounds like my kind of race too! :)