Monday, September 20, 2010

9/5/10 - 9/12/10 Training

9/12 Sun      39m BC ride with the Freewheelers
9/13 Mon     1hr Chest and Core (super sets)
9/14 Tue      1hr Back and Abs(super sets)
9/15 Wed    Lunch: 1hr intervals on the treadmill
                    After work: 1hr Cycling class at the gym followed by a 2 mile treadmill brick
9/16 Thu      Off
9/17 Fri       2000m Swim
9/18 Sat      9 Mile Run

This week marked my second week back into running.  The miles were rusty and slow.  I will definitely need to put some more miles on these legs to get them back into shape.  

My cycling yesterday was some of my best.  I rode with a B group and finished with the top cyclist of the group.  I hung with him and felt strong.  He was a stronger rider but I was able to hang with him and earn some respect points.  The average pace was 18mph but most of the paces when I looked down were about 20 mph.  The ride was all flatland and at one point we were holding a 24mph pace.

On Friday I went into GNC to get some protein.  After losing 20lbs in two months I really need to increase my protein intake.  I have been avoiding my protein because the last stuff I bought was horrible.  My normal source of protein is either out of business or should be because they never return emails or phone calls.  I bought some Optimal Nutrition Gold Standard Whey and my first impressions are good.   I will need to review this protein in a later blog.

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