Monday, January 31, 2011


Mr Half TRIing Cycle Training
I've been kicking up my training lately.  Last week was another great training week for me. 

Monday Lunch - 1hr Chest workout
Tuesday Lunch - 1 hr Back workout
Wednesday Morning - 1hr Swim @ gym
Wednesday Lunch - 1hr Bicep and Tricep workout
Thursday Lunch - Off due to funeral
Friday Morning - 1hr Swim @ gym
Saturday - 8 mile run followed by a 45min swim
Sunday - 41 miles road cycling @ 18-20mph pace

Image Source

New Torture Device
I have not been able to get in the amount of cycling I feel is needed so I decided to get Bonnie and I a trainer.  We got the CycleOps Fluid 2.  Now I get to torture myself at the gym and at home.  Yippie!!  Now all I have to do is figure our how to use the darn thing? Anyone have one of these?  Do they like it?

No Throwback Thursday
Sorry but I had an event to attend so last weeks Throwback Thursday was canceled.

Blog Slacking
Sorry for the lack of updates.  I've been slammed lately and just can not seem to find the time to get a post written.  I am also lacking interesting topics.  Any suggestions?!

I showed up twice last week on EMZ's blog.  You can find me here and here.  I'm making her pretty famous :-)  I think she likes dropping my name to bring her more web traffic.  I tend to bring in the crazy people demographic.

Strange Web Stats
My top referring URL last week?!
I'm not even going to touch that one.  Nor can I figure out why I got 11 referrals from that site!  
I know my blog is a train wreck but a car wreck also?

How should I know?
Apparently I am an expert on how tight triathlon shirts should be.  They should be so tight your eyes bug out and half your beer belly shows.  I got TWO people searching Google with "how tight should triathlon shirts" that landed onto my site.  So can you help me answer their question?  How tight should they be?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Workout Overview

Training Update: 
Training Update
 Last week was a great training week.  Getting up early has really helped me to set my training up.  The swim practice is helping me to convert from a breast stroke to a freestyle stroke which will help save some of my leg energy during the upcoming 70.3s (Florida and Augusta).

Monday Morning - 1hr Cycling Class @ gym
Tuesday Morning - 1hr Chest workout

Wednesday Morning - 1hr Swim @ gym
Wednesday Lunch - 1 hr Back workout
Thursday Lunch - 1hr Bicep and Tricep workout
Friday Lunch - 1hr Swim @ gym
Saturday - 41 miles road cycling with a B pace group
Sunday - Ran the Ocala 13.1

I'm Famous!
Mama, always said I would be famous someday and that day is today!

It's a pretty strange feeling when you go to read someone elses blog and there is a picture of your ugly mug in their post.  If I would have known my mug was going to be on a famous blog I think I would have at least shaved.  Check me out on EMZ's blog post here.  I'm mentioned right after the comments about her leaving her phone in the refrigerator next to her pickles and left over lemon.  That's quite the story to follow. :-) 

For those of you interested I will be available after the post for autographs.  Only one per person please and have your photos ready.

This ranks right up there with getting placed on Caution Redhead Running's TRI-Nuts blog roll.  You can see my blog post about that here.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Ocala Marathon and Half Marathon 2011

Ocala Marathon and Half Marathon 2011

You can read my 2010 review of the race here.  It will give you some background about this race.

This is always a fun, small and cheap race. This is also a very hard course with over 34 rolling and steep hills.  It is great hill training. From begin to end and everywhere in between there is a hill.  I am having PTSD flashbacks of them now.

I am tired today so I will make the review short and sweet.  Much of the race was already reviewed in the 2010 race review.

The Great
  • Very pretty route.  Rolling hills, horses, lakes, farms, etc
  • Great for spectators.  If you had a car you could drive the course and stop several times to see your family.
  • The race is cheap
  • The race is never crowded.  I would say about 100 full runners and 250 half runners)
  • There is a race stop every mile
  • Nearly every race stop had a portable toliet with no wait
  • Great and friendly volunteers
  • Unique age grouper awards
  • Always enough food at the finish for everyone 
The Neutral
  • The race stops were not as well stocked as last year.  The Twizzlers, Fig Newtons, cookies, oranges, grapes, Clif Bars, Clif Shots, etc were missing.  They did have water, Gatoraid, bananas and Cliff Blocks. But it was not as nice as last year.  It is probably a result of the bad economy.
  • The small kids working and cheering you one at the rest stops were missing.  I missed this.  This may have been due to the VERY cold weather.
  • The crowd that runs this race is super fast.  If you are an average runner be prepared to finish close to last in your age group.
The Bad
  • The weather was COLD.  The race temperature started out in the mid-twenties and was really shol to rise.  You know it is cold when you look at the guy next you at mile 6 and see his sweat has turned to frost.
The Age Group race winner awards

 I did much better than last year.  I finished at 2:15:13.  This was not to bad considering all the hills, I stopped 3 times to use the facilities and I stopped every time I saw Bonnie and Chewie to grab a kiss from both of the.

Last year my knees where in shambles when I was done.  This year I had no knee pain at all.  I did have a pain in my right glute that has been following me lately to some races. (No, I am not referring to Bonnie.  I am referring to a different pain in my glute). 
Triston and I after the race.

Triston ran this race and is now qualified to become a Half Fanatic.  He did great, especially when you consider how hard this race is and the fact that he is not trained in over a month.  He finished at 2:28:37.

Bonnie did not run either race.  She is running a marathon in Miami next week and is nursing an ankle injury.  But she did participate as a spectator.  She and Chewie would drive the car up the course and park the car at several stops and cheer us on.  Chewie loved to watch the runners and look for me.  He would jump up every time he found me in the crowd.  I always stopped and got a kiss from Bonnie and him.  He also got a few scratches behind the ear before I ran off.  He had to wear his red sweater because he was shivering from the cold weather.

Sporting my new, favorite, cool kids, t-shirt after the Ocala Race. Go EMZ!

It was a fun small race.  I will give this year's race an A-.  Not as nice as last year but still one of my favorites and a great race to hill train.

Chewie was tired after the race and wanted to sport the new bling!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Throwback Thursday - How Others See Me

Throwback Thursday - How Others See Me

This is how other see me

My co-worker decided to express her artistic side and create a drawing of me.  Is this how people really see me?  Do I really have that small of a head with that BIG of a body?  I even have neck fat in this image.  I don't have neck fat!! Do I?

She said it was a great representation of me except for my nose should be bigger.  Apparently it should have been the size of the black nose to the left of my body.  She drew that black nose"to scale" to show me how big it should have been.

My drawing of her

How this whole issue started was I got really bored during one of our morning meetings.  While we were waiting to start the meeting I was "taking notes".  My notes included a drawing of her listening to music on her iPhone.  She got mad at me (not really) and she drew the image of me as payback.

I still think my drawing is much better.  She said I made her head look like a balloon.  I can not help it if her head actually looks like a balloon!  She made ME look like the hunchback of Notre Dame!

I'm a Winner!!
Alanna with Blood, Sweat and Cupcakes ran a naming "contest" for her new little cupcake buddy and I won.  You can read her two posts about her new buddy here and here. Her buddy is a cool, bad-butt biker looking cupcake with pink hair.

I thought a good name for the her little buddy would be Cool Whip. Whip for short. The name is hip and bad butt at the same time.  His pink hair also looks like a Cool Whip dollop and he looks kind of like a reformed bad butt biker cupcake turned runner.  If you make fun of his pink head he would whip your cupcake butt.

What did I win? I pick the prize behind door #1 but was surprised when I did not win the new car.  What I did win was the "bragging rights for naming the most awesome cupcake in all the land."

If you have not checked out Alanna's blog you may want to do so.  She has a pretty cool blog.  I just wish she would update it more often but she has been really busy creating/eating cupcakes, being in love (yuck) and finishing up her masters degree.

You can check out Cool Whip's friends at  Blame the Moon. My favorite is the Ice Cream Cone Thug

His name is Cool Whip or Whip for short.
He even has a pink iPod running armband

Lisa (Bake Bike Blog) - Iron Chef Spam
Why do serious posts never get comments but I mention silly things like SPAM and the comments go off the wall.  If you have not been to Lisa's blog Bake Bike Blog you should soon.  There is a little more BAKE than BIKE in her blog but she make some incredible food.

She has something called a Mystery Box.  The Mystery Box is a list of various ingredients she wants to someday use as a main ingredient in her food creationsThe stuff she makes is incredible and looks awesome.

She posted a comment about SPAM in on of my post so I made an open challenge to add SPAM to her Mystery Box.   She took me up on the challenge and created EmSPAMandasI have to say they look great and I would eat one.

Why does no one but me admit to eating SPAM.  "In 2007, the seven billionth can of Spam was sold. On average, 3.8 cans are consumed every second in the United States (SOURCE)". Apparently I am the only one who is keeping Hormel in business.

So will YOU take the Half TRIing SPAM cook off challenge?  What can you create with SPAM?  Can you do better than Lisa?  I would love to hear about your SPAM creations. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Miscellaneous Musing

Miscellaneous Musing

I've had writers block all week so I figured I would post a miscellaneous musing post of random things. Is it bad that some of my posts are not triathlon related?

Where is Q on the Move?
Has any one seen Q?  I miss reading his blog.  Has he permanently stopped blogging?  I hope not because he was a great blogger and will be missed.
Where is "Q on the Move"

Ocala 13.1 Half Marathon
This weekend I will be running the Ocala Half Marathon with Triston. I love this race so it should be fun.  Last year it seriously kick my butt and I finished almost crying because my knees hurt so bad.  I plan no not repeating that issue again this year.  Here is my review of last years race.  If anyone plans on running this race this weekend please let me know.  I would love to meet you.

Rough Morning Start
So this morning I got up at 4:50 AM and headed to the gym for a chest workout. All went well till I started to get dressed.  I had to bring more clothes than normal because today is dress-up day at work.  This means I have to dress up super fancy and sit in my cell where no one will ever see me.  I could be wearing my yellow Sponge Bob pajamas and no one would ever know but I am still required to wear something fancy.  Before I left home I triple checked I had everything to get ready at the gym.  So I am getting dressed at the gym when I noticed my pants are a little loose.  I mean really loose.  Like pants on the ground loose.  Not ghetto pants on the ground but like suit pants on the ground loose.  I was really looking like a fool. Not being one to set a new office fashion trend I had to quickly drive to Walmart to get a belt. 


I thought "I will stop at Starbucks today to turn this morning around" when I get a phone call from Bonnie who was in a bad mood for various reasons and needed someone to vent with.  No biggie.  I hope her day turns around.

I got my coffee and went to work.  I got off on the wrong floor and while doing so spilled coffee on my white dress shirt.  Apparently I wanted to wear the coffee more than I wanted to drink it.  I will be absorbing my caffeine through osmosis.  Doh!! 

Morning Gym
I've started going to the gym nearly every morning at 4:50 AM.  I am not a morning person but I seriously need to start getting in more swimming, biking and running before my 70.3 in May.  I am starting to feel old because I am trying to be in bed at 9:00 PM every night.  So tired!! MR HALF-ZOMBIE !!

New Best Friends
I consumed two new best friends this weekend.  Let me introduce them to you.

It's beer and a Yoo-Hoo! (Image Source)

Southern Teir Choklat Imperial Stout - It's like drinking an 11% Yoo-Hoo beer but in a good way.  Every time you take a sip you first taste stout then about 2 seconds later the Yoo-Hoo factor kicks in.  I am ashamed to say it is great.  See a review here

Yummy!! (Image Source)

J.K.'s Solstice Cider (Limit Release) - I am a hard cider buff.  I hate them sweet and I have not found an American brewer who can make a cider taste good.  This is sad because early America was known for its hard cider.  It was much more popular than beer.  But this cider is truely awesome!  It is not to sweet or over spiced. And it is USDA organic. It's limit release so do NOT buy any.  I want it all for myself.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Run EMZ - One of the Cool Kids

Run EMZ - One of the Cool Kids

OH YA!! I'm cool now!!
HOTDOG, it's like Christmas all over again.  I came home and I had a package waiting for me to open.  Inside the package was my new smoking hot Run EMZ shirt.  I was starting to feel left out.  Now I am part of the super cool kids.  I will no longer be pick last in gym class.  I'm so cool now! :-)

If you have not checked out EMZs blog I highly recommend you do so.  She has a great blog. Thank you EMZ for the t-shirt.  It is a really nice shirt and the material is great and soft.

Now my dream is to score a Punk Rock Racer shirt from Ron. Ron runs Punk Rock Tri Guy blog. He has a great blog but he has never stopped by my website so it will remain a dream.  He only visits the cool kids like EMZ, The Chic Runner, Running From Running To and Silly Girl Running.  I bet even Morgan at Caution: Redhead Running has a Punk Rock Shirt.

Today I also won an award.  Tortuga Runner presented me with the Stylish Blogger Award.  Thank you for the recognition.  Next week I will have to blog about it next week.

Throwback Thursday - Stupid Sailor Suit

Throwback Thursday - Stupid Sailor Suit

My face explains it all.
Don't Laugh!!  I said don't laugh!! It's not funny!! Seriously!! Why do parents do this to their kids!!  I look like the missing sailor from the Village People.  I will have my revenge.  If I have kids its game on.  They are going to so hate me. Where is that pink bunny suit Aunt Clara gave me for Christmas?  I'll make them look like a pink nightmare!  I'll give them a Christmas story to tell their blog followers. 

Triston is a little old and big to place into a sailor suit.  But if I could get him into one I would surely get a picture of it!!

Throwback throwback..

Magical Musical Thing by Mattel

For those of you who read last weeks Throwback Thursday you will remember I had a mini giveaway for anyone who could remember the name of my old Christmas toy.  Surprisingly many people remember it being their favorite toy but only one person remembered what it was called.  Alanna of Running 42KM not only remembered the name of the toy but even sent me the old commercial. She picked the fabulous prize behind door number 1.  Stay tuned to see what she won after a word from our sponsors...


The name of the toy is the Magical Musical Thing by Mattel.  The marketing people at Mattel REALLY needed to work a little harder when naming this toy.  What a lame name for such a cool toy!  I can so see myself driving my mother and sister crazy with this toy (that is probably why it magically disappeared).  I can guarantee I did the head playing routine also.

Side Note: I think this commercial was filmed in the Netherlands because I would bet my next paycheck that the girl in the commercial is Silly Girl Running.  Look at the red pigtails, the cheese doodle hair pieces, overly bright clothing, etc.  Look at the evidence below and you decide for yourself.  I'm just saying...

Silly Girl Running circa 1978.
The Magical Musical Thing girl circa January 2011

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Strange Search Keywords

Strange Search Keywords in Traffic Sources

Okay, this is not training related but it is blog related and is kind of funny in a strange way.

Has anyone ever viewed the Search Keywords in your Traffic Sources area?  I review mine every so often and I am sometimes amazed at the search terms people are using to get to my blog.  Most of the search terms I understand but some of them leave me dumb founded.  How is Google associating these search terms with my blog?

"1980s running looks" & "1980s training in spandex" - Apparently I have the 1980s look down and people are flocking to me to see how to dress up for Halloween.

"Courtland high school va streven white" - What?!

"Q on the Move" - I am glad to know that three people really did not want to read my blog.  They really were looking for Q on the Move.  How could you ever get us confused?!  I am the hot looking one.

"1980s happy feet tub socks pics" - Apparently I attract weirdos with "1980s happy feet tub sock" fetishes.

 What kind of weird Search Keywords are in your Traffic Sources?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Guys Weekend Out

My body after the guy's weekend out!!

This is how my body feels after my guy's weekend outing. I went camping and hiking with some of my friends.  My diet and exercise went to the dog house.  You know how long it has been since my body was forced to digest biscuits and gravy, SPAM (yes I ate Spam), canned sprats, several bad beers, biscuits and gravy, etc?  I think my body is screaming "Why did you do this to me?  Have I not been good to you this year?  You know I will make you pay Monday.  I WILL PUNISH YOU!"

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Throwback Thursday - Christmas Present

God, please let it be a cooler pair of pants!!
Seriously orange pants ?!
I look like a clown. 
I don't know what it is but it makes a lot of noise and I loved it.

I got my foot up on a box and I am jamming with my noise maker thingy.
Remember when TVs where that big and had wood trim and VHF & UHF dials?

Okay, if you are the first one to tell me what the heck this instrument/toy is called I will give them a prize.  I do not remember and I am racking my brain trying to figure it out.  Please include a link with the answer. (You must be in the US or Canada to participate).  

The first two pictures were taken on Christmas day quite a while ago.  Apparently this was my favorite gift that year.  I'm sure I took great pleasure in playing it as loud as I possibly could to tick my sister off. 

Do you remember a favorite gift that you received growing up?  What was it and why was it special?

Monday, January 3, 2011

DeLeon Springs Half Marathon Review

DeLeon Springs Half Marathon Review


On Sunday I participated in the Deleon Springs Half Marathon.  There were approximately 400 runners in the 5K and 13.1 races.  I have to say this was the worse race I have run.  It’s only saving grace was it was cheap $25-30.  Beyond that there is no reason to ever sign up for this race. 

Bonnie and I

The bathroom situation was a total mess.  There was not one portable toilet along the entire race route.  In fact, there was not one portable toilet at the beginning of the race.  The only facilities were what were permanently at the park.  That means there were only 3 toilets and one urinal for ALL the men and 4 toilets for ALL the women.  The lines were a mess.  Many barely made the race start.  If you had to go to the bathroom along the route you were screwed.

The water situation was also a mess.  Only one stop had Gatoraid and you had to ask for it.  How hard and expensive would it have been to buy a tub of powdered Gatoraid at Sams or Costco.?

Most water stations only filled their water cups a quarter to half way.  That would be OK if there were many water stops (which there was not).  It was a hot day and everyone was complaining there was not enough water.  Many stations ran out of water before the end of the race.  When Bonnie asked for more water they said they could not give her more because they were running out. 

Sorry ladies Mr Half TRIing is spoken for!!

To make matters worse some of the water stops were giving out dirty water.  Several runners were complaining (including Bonnie and my friend) that their water cup had dirt in their water.  That is not acceptable.

The aid stations had no food, supplements, bananas, GUs, etc.  Only dirty water and sometimes not even that.

The route was boring as heck.  It was an out and back course on a country road.  There was nothing at all of interesting to look at.  It was not even a very pretty country road.  I started to amuse myself by counting the number of discarded beer and alcohol containers thrown on the side of the road.  There were quite a number of these which may explain the two road memorials for road fatalities.

Imagine this for 13.1 miles. Major snooze fest!

To make matters worse it rained a few hours before the race and the glare on the street was like staring into the sun.  It was ridiculously bright.

When I finished the race there were no water bottles handed out.  Only an orange container of water with Dixie cups.  The post race party and door prizes were started before many of the runners even finished the race.  This was not only rude but you had to be present to win a door prize so many of the winners were still running.  The door prizes consisted of last year’s race t-shirts.  That seems a little cheap to me.  Who the heck wants a 1 year old shirt for a race they did not run.

The race was not chip timed.  It was only gun timed.  There were also no timer clocks during the race (  only at the finish and 1 mile before the finish).  Why would anyone place its only in-race timer at mile 12?  Wouldn’t the halfway point make more sense?

The post race food consisted of water, Gatoraid, Fig Newtons, bananas and pears.  Not impressive at all and there were no volunteers handing them out so supplies were very limited and went fast.

Tiny Medal
The race medal was one of the smallest I have seen.  It was also the generic type that did not have the date on the medal.  You flipped it over and there was a sticker with the year on it.  That way they could order several hundred to save cost and just add a new sticker each year.
The Bling

The grade for this race is an F.  I love small races and understand how they need to save money but this was beyond imagination.  I have attended many other smaller races and they were never this cheap.  Bonnie and  I will never do this race again.

My Results
I finished at 2:25:56.  My results were really poor.  To be honest with you I was tired as heck from lack of sleep, had a pain in my left glute and just did not care because the race sucked.  I also did not have clearance from my doctor to do the bike ride or the race so I was not going to push it.  Shhhh… don’t tell them I was a bad boy.

Half Fanatics
For a small race there was a good number of Half Fanatics.  I ran several miles with Jenna of See Jenna Run (#272).  She was a wonderful person and I hope I did not talk her ear off.  She reviewed the race here

My friend Kitzzy of See Kitzzy Run (#687) was also there.  Chester( #46) and Gerfa Kalb (#45) were there.  Each as over 150 halfs under their belts.  They also have as many full marathons under their belts also.  That is amazing and they are very nice and humble runners.  I love seeing them at races.  Elizabeth #(382) was also there.  She has over 55 halfs under her belt.

Me (394), Elizabeth (382), Chester (46) and Gerfa (45)

Bonnie and My After Party
After the race Bonnie and I went to the Old Sugar Mill Pancake House.  This is great places were you sit in front of a griddle and make your own pancakes, eggs, etc.  It is fun and the food is great and reasonably priced.  It is a treat we only get about once a year.  The restaurant is located in DeLeon Springs Park.

One word.. YUMMY!!
The Old Sugar Mill wheel

A happy pancake and bacon filled Bonnie

Don't even think about touching MY pancakes lady.
There was a long wait for the restaurant so we visited the parks museum and went and saw a 500 year old cypress tree called “Old Methuselah”.  This tree was massive.  The trunk was probably 7-9 feet thick and it was well over 100 ft tall
Old Methuselah
We also went swimming in the springs.  The water was a nice temperature of 73 degrees Fahrenheit.   It was a refreshing swim and was a nice ice down of our injuries.
The springs

SIDE NOTE: Here is an interesting note about this area.  It used to be one of the nation’s first amusement parks.  They use to have the world’s only water skiing elephant.  Here is a good post about the elephant.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 - The Year of Many Firsts

2010 - The Year of Many Firsts

The 2010 Bling

I started to reflect back on 2010 and did not realize just how much I have accomplished this year. Like I stated in my first ever post, I miss having goals.  Ever since I finished college, achieved senior status in my career and met a wonderful family there has not been many goals in my life.  It was a void I was missing.  My goals this year were to run a 13.1 and to do a triathlon.  Needless to say I shattered those goals and more.  I surprised myself when I started thinking about this post.  Below is a list of my firsts.
  1. First year to run a 15K and I completed 2 races
  2. First year to run do a half marathon. I completed 9 races and became a Half Fanatic
  3. First year to do a non-recreational swim.  Before this I just swam to stay afloat.
  4. First open water swim (which I did at Lucky's Lake). I have completed 38 laps since May
  5. First year to do a triathlon and I completed 1 Sprint, 2 Intermediate and 2 Olympic races
  6. First year to place in my triathlon division
  7. First year to start road cycling and I completed a 40 mile race, 67 mile race and The Horrible Hundred Century (Florida's hardest century)
  8. First year to sign up up for a Half Ironman and now I am signed up for two in 2011
  9. Lost 20 lbs in two months. I'm now 183 lbs.
  10. I am in the best shape of my life and love racing and going to the gym.
  11. Baked over 160 dozen cookies in February to send to the troops serving oversees (Rochelle's Boots on the Ground) (Note: if you are interested in helping out this February please let me know)
  12. Found hobbies we enjoy doing as a family
What goals did you accomplish this year?  What are your goals for next year?